Paula Hilton is originally from Connecticut and moved to Prescott after a vacation that "opened her eyes" to Arizona's natural beauty. One of the first things she packed was her photography equipment because she knew the desert provides ample opportunities for some great images. Well, if you know Paula at all, you'd know that whenever she's passionate about something, she puts all her energy behind it. That's precisely what she does with the camera and the results are quite amazing to say the least.
While black and white photography is an enjoyable hobby for Paula, there's a common thread that ties this passion to her approach on life. In fact, the preparation it takes to get a great photo is the perfect match for Paula's eye for detail and thorough approach to all she does. "Whether it's photography or anything else I do, I've found that when you take the time to prepare, plan and make sure all the details are in place, the results are inevitably great," she explains with a smile.
Paula puts those same principles to work in her successful career as one of the area's leading real estate professionals. At first glance, her passion for photography may appear to have little to do with her real estate career, but there is a direct relationship. When she's overseeing your real estate transaction, her attention to detail, careful preparation and planning, experienced perspective and ability to anticipate -- and solve -- potential problems before they happen makes all the difference. "I take care of everything 'behind the scenes' and make sure all the details are in place, in order to make the process as easy as possible for my clients."
Whether it's focusing Paula's keen eye on the unique features that set a new home apart or applying her cutting-edge marketing methods, her goal remains the same -- help people receive the most when they are ready to buy or sell their home.
     When you want listings of the communities which satisfy your family's buying situation, the skills of a proven negotiator or just someone who can answer all your questions about the real estate industry, Paula is here for you.

Paula understands the unique needs of professionals and especially enjoys working with them to exceed their expectations and make their real estate transactions a success. For all your real estate needs, you can count on Paula Hilton to make certain your goals are in the big picture from start to finish. That's because she's Focused On Your Best Interests. So give her a call today and discover what it's like to work with a professional who knows how to keep an eye on your family's needs.